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   The Steamboat Association of Great Britain


Please take a moment to read this document, which sets out ground rules for our online media.

The Steam Boat Association of Great Britain (aka; ‘The SBA’) exists to promote the enjoyment of steamboats and steam boating and to represent the interests of steamboat owners. Our online presence is an extension of this, for members and interested parties to provide opportunity to communicate and share content with each other.

We promote a friendly and inclusive atmosphere and aim to provide a safe and enjoyable platform(s) suitable for all ages, and the nature of the content, language and images used must reflect this.

Any views expressed on SBA online media are solely those of the respective person. The content and views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of SBA or its committee, and the SBA accepts no liability for any user submitted content.


  • The SBA is not responsible for the content of any message, user profile, image.
  • The SBA is not responsible for any links referencing external sites, or third-party content.
  • The SBA cannot endorse or guarantee the accuracy, or validity of user submitted content.
  • The SBA is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Illegal activity may be reported to the relevant authorities, along with any details pertinent to the matter.


  • It is not permitted to use SBA online media to engage in or promote illegal activities
  • Members and users are required to conduct themselves in a civil manner when engaging with others 
  • It is not permitted to post any material unless the copyright is owned by you or unless you have permission from the copyright holder.
  • You will not use the SBA online media to post or reference to any material anywhere on the site that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, aimed to deceive or ridicule, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, disruptive, intimidating, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, bullying or invasive of a person's privacy. 
  • Content that includes a primarily political or religious theme or content is not permitted.


  • Commercial advertising is strictly not permitted anywhere SBA online media, unless prior approval has been obtained by the association.  
  • Private for sale adverts are permitted, subject to review inline with normal posting rules.


Should you encounter any material on SBA media that you consider to be in breach of these Rules and Guidelines, please it to the SBA as possible by using 'report post' on the drop down at the top right-hand side of each post or by contacting chair @steamboatassociation.org.uk via email.


  • The SBA has admin members, who act on behalf of the SBA and are responsible for determining whether any user submitted content is appropriate for the SBA online media and will act accordingly.
  • The admins reserve the right to delete any content deemed not to be posted in accordance with the Rules and Guidelines. The SBA also reserves the right to retain material posted online.
  • The SBA and admins aim to be as transparent as possible and endeavour to ensure that all actions taken are fair and in line with the Rules and Guidelines.
  • The SBA and admins reserve the right to limit or suspend users’ access, including revocation of access at any time with or without notice or reason. 
  • The admins will not discuss disciplinary actions publicly
  • Any attack, harassment, intimidation, threat or anything to be considered abusive aimed at the admins will result in an instant termination of access. 

We strive to ensure that the SBA is a safe and enjoyable place for all and as such, these Forum Rules and Guidelines are subject to change.

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