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Members' Photographs

Here are photographs uploaded by members - we have arranged these into albums about "Boats", "Events" or "Miscellaneous topics". 

You can browse these via the links below, or (if you are a member) upload your own photographs.

(This page is a replacement for the old "Legacy Photos" page (still visible).  This pagellowing you to upload your own photos - we have put a few temporary ones in place.)

Nice photo of close up shot of new paddle box cover.
Brand new paddle box cover
Medway Queen berthed Chatham with her new paddle box cover fitted
Uandi Windermere Rally 1998
Uandi Windermere Rally 1998
Entering Amsterdam with saloon boat
Petagin in dry dock at Mills Dockyard Long Eaton
Trent rally with the usual family crew!
Probably first steamer with 360° azimuth propulsion and coarse stability fins
SY-Befur clawing her way windward on Windermere
Grayling and Befur heading North on Windermere
SY-Befur Running south from Ambleside
SY-Befur slow progress into the wind! Shot before the new "Luff Hauling Parrel" was fitted, hence the nasty creases in the sail :-(
SY-Befur leaving Ferry Nab under steam
Steaming S.Y. Persistance in the California Delta Christmas Day, 2018.
The very first "York" compound ever made, verified by John York. Slated to be reunited with the original boiler in the orginal boat "Ben My Chree".
S.Y. Persistance, California Delta steamboat meet 2019.
"Doty" compound in S.Y. Persistance.
Leif Larsen's S.L. Ginny L. and S.Y. Persistance, California Delta steamboat meet 2019
2020 livery of BRG to keep ahead of corona!
Trevor leaving braunston
Guinevere 27' Steam Launch - Vonore, Tennessee
Hairy steamers aboard Banjo
SY Befur (and Louise) on Ullswater. Just launched for first time - sans mast, but not sinking!!! (June 2018)
Grayling (& stoker) enjoying the Windermere sun.
Grayling and a Happy Captain on Windermere (June17)
Aurelia at rest
SL Niad, at Bowness, Windermere 2007
AnnaBelle, Windermere, 2007.
Elpenor, Windermere, 2007. Ever seen the lake so calm?
Souvenir d'Antan, Windermere, 2006
Mosquito on Windermere, 2006
Oberon, doing about 20 knots, Winderemere 2005
Elpenor moored at the Steamboat Museum, Windermere 2005
Tenacity, moored at the Steamboat Museum, Windermere 2004
Dalmore (as seen on the front of the Funnel). Behind Belle Isle, Winderemere 2003
Sandpiper on Ullswater, 1998
Obsidian 06/06/2018 with Russel Clements and John Maltby
Obsidian's first steam 06/06/2018
Aurora on autohelm - Dot Bullough is aboard and probably stoking!
Obsidian at Low Wood on Windermere (with Hamish!)
Russel & Maureen Clement launching Obsidian at Low Wood on Windermere (with Hamish!)
Banjo attempting to hide in plain sight!
Banjo at Speed
Banjo under pressure!
Thames Rally 1985 Hampton
1979-1980 Possibly Tewksbury
Early 1980's George Watkins far left and Brian Hillsdon far right.
Lock stuffing around 1982
Early 1980's
First public trip by Osprey at the Windermere Jetty Opening Day. With Mike Cole on-board representing the SBA!
Obsidian at the Windermere Jetty Opening Day
Bluebell at the Windermere Jetty Opening Day
TTBF Henley 2018
TTBF Henley 2018
TTBF Henley 2018
TTBF Henley 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
Calstock Steamboat Rally 2018
At last, a watertight deck!
Ladies in waiting, for the start of the Triple 'B' race 2018 Banjo acted as 'Hospital ship'. No casualties this year.
Rendezvous de Erdre. An evening pic at the start in Nort sur Erdre.
Roger and Sue Heise on Etna at the Windermere Boat Parade where they took the prize for the best small boat
Lunch Stop - President's Rally 2018 - Loch Ard
Ready for Bed - President's Rally 2018, Loch Katrine
Family outing on the Thames near Marlow.
Steamboats at night on the way back to Dartmouth
View from the cockpit of Aurelia on our way back to Dartmouth 2017.
Can you guess the engine? Its a Mumford, in Ursula (Windermere, 2007)
Hot Pot, Windermere, 2007
Wray Castle, Windermere, 2006
Minnow, finally pulling into Wray Castle, Windermere 2006
Shamrocks engine, 2006
Raven and Esperance at the Steamboat Museum, Windermere, 2005
Splijn, on Windermere at Fell Foot 2004, with Edward both aboard and ashore.
Mudlark with David Harding, Windermere 2006
Wray Castle, Windermere 2003
Tea and cake on Shamrock, 2003
Otto's engine, 2003.
(Right to Left): Sandpiper, Arlette, Mudlark, Sulvien. Ullswater 1998
Sandpiper and Rockabill with Ian Cross, David Ayres and Grace Maltby. Ullswater 1998
Back in the day before digital cameras, you couldn't review your photos! Ullswater 1998
Tim Ayres looking very young back in Ullswater 1998
Windermere Rally 2018 - Imp heading for the hills
Windermere Rally 2018 - Imp northbound in South Basin Brian Boland from Vermont in conversation with Chris Davies
Beale Park 2017 - Careful adjustment
Beale Park 2017 - Admiring Glances
Beale Park 2017 - Locomobile
Bolton Steam Museum awaiting the arrival of the SBA winter social mob!
Northern Mill Engine Society Museum ready for SBA visitors (November'18)

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