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This is the place to find boats and equipment that are available outside the UK.  It will initially be populated by material that the Web team find on fellow steamboating sites.  However, we hope that non UK SBA members and other readers with things of a steamboating nature to sell will send details and photos to adverts@steamboating.org.uk.  There is no charge for this service.  Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.   Please let us know when your item is sold. Advertisers wishing to continue their advert should inform us of that periodically and the advert will be left in place. We will cull old adverts unless asked that they should remain. 

We would also welcome feedback about whether you think this innovation is a good thing, how it could be improved and so on.

Last updated 11th April 2022


Steam Launch"Anna Plochl"

11th April 2022

Hull: wood/mahogany BJ: 1986

Length: 7.95 m, Width: 2.25 m.

Machinery: 2 cylinder compound steam engine. Power approximately 2.5 KW. Mills Compound Boiler: BJ: 1991, 38 liters, 10 bar. Steam output: 65 kg/h Built by: Gerhard Kalss Dipl. Ing.

Total price including trailer: On request

Contact and inspection: Ludwig Fischer

Tel. 0043 (=country code for Austria) +664 220559


Taken from the German Steamboat Society Website

Advert originally placed 08.03.2019 and still showing.


S.L. Annie M

11th April 2022

Hull: Selway Fisher Design U.K Built by P. Lucas 2014, V bottom single chine plywood launch. We are pretty certain it is the Fanny the Fantail 17’9” model with trailer ( not registered)

Engine: 5hp compound steam engine (double-acting and Stephenson link) designed and built by Peter Lucas. Design specifications are available upon request.

Boiler: Vertical Fire Tube Steam Boiler, certified as Hazard Level B, Design pressure 1050 kPa Tested to 1500kPA), Volume 52L, Temperature (Co) 180, Boiler Type Fire-tube, Output 3.72 KW. Firegrate area 1.35 sqft. Total water volume 30.5L. (Needs Servicing and Inspection)

We are the current stewards of this steam launch built by our father Peter Lucas (RIP) and we are thinking the launch would be better off in the hands of an enthusiast. Please reach out if interested and we will do our best to provide more details.

Price: Open to reasonable offers.

Please email brianlucas79@gmail.com or text 0408003338 (Due to work comments it may take me up to 7 days to respond or answer phone calls)

Taken from the Australian Steamboat Association. Not dated but sits at the top of the list suggesting that it is still valid.


Complete set of un-machined Stuart Turner ‘Cygnet’ castings

25th March 2022

This is the marinized version of the 5A and the set is complete, except for the reversing gear, in the original box from Stuarts.

The current price of a complete set of un-machinedcastings for building a 5A is £987 + VAT @ 20% but this set is on offer for £830 ONO- and the seller, in Belgium, advises that a solution can be found for forwarding the parcel in the UK.

Hubert de Houck hubert dot dehouck at skynet dot be

(Photo stolen from Stuart Turner's Website)


Pearl & Zenith Foundry Patterns

29th October 2021

The Pearl Engine and the Zenith Engine foundry patterns are for sale. All are well proven for use by foundries or in a small shop.

The Pearl 2 ½ by 3 and the 2 ½ + 2 ½ by 3 engines as well as the Zenith 2 ½ by 5 engine are precise replicas of classic marine steam propulsion. These engines have been well accepted for decades.

The patterns are on match plates and ready for immediate use. The patterns can be removed from the match plates and just the patterns with their core boxes can be shipped very economically.

The patterns and core boxes have been professionally produced and work well. The supplied machining drawings can be easily re-produced.

More engine details can be found at: www.PearlEngine.com.

Images of all the patterns and core boxes can be viewed there as well as videos of the engines running.

Will consider an offer for all or part.

For more information please contact:
Roger Grosser

PearlEngine at gmail dot com


Two bars of White metal bearing alloy

25 October 2021

Two bars of White Metal Alloy no. 11 by F D Hoyt, cast in standard London pattern bars.

The composition is 84% tin, 10% lead and 6% antimony. This material is designed for wiped metal bearings.

There is one full 3kg bar available and one part bar weighing 2kg. Dimensions of the full bar are 27cm. X 5cm. X 4cm.

The full bar: £25 plus postage (IRO £6) or collection

The part bar: £20 plus postage (IRO £4) or collection

£40 for them both plus postage (IRO £9) or collection

Call: Kevin Slater

Tel: 01275 331074

Mobile: 0790 528 6711

kevin at manorfarmengineering dot co dot uk



26 September 2021

Having been a member of the SBA for many years, I possess copies of the back issues of Funnel, journal of the SBA (and a good read to boot,) which I am now looking to re-home with a caring owner.

I have a copy of all issues from Number 31 to Number 190 (the latest issue), including the Classified Quick Reference Indexes covering Issues 31 to 175 inclusive.

I live in Swanage, Dorset, which would be a long way to travel for most prospective new owners to come and pick them up, especially in these uncertain times, therefore I would be prepared to send them at my expense to any UK mainland address. (Sorry, any interested party from overseas would have to pay postage or collect. Intrepid Steamboaters could consider a sea voyage to Swanage to collect in person).

If you are interested in this offer, please contact me, Patricia Platt, by email at patti.platt@btinternet.com

or by phone (landline) on 01929 424496.

(There is an answerphone facility to leave a message if I’m not in).

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