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Engines / Boilers  -  Sales & Wants

Information contained in these advertisements is published as received by the editor.  It is the buyer's responsibility to check the accuracy of any details published.   Advertisers wishing to continue their advert for more than one month should inform us of that and the advert will be left in place.   If your item sells please let us know so we can remove the advert.

Suggestion for Advertisers : If you can, please send photos as attachments rather than embedded in your email.  The latter will arrive as 100k images which is not too much above a thumbnail.  We love attachments of 2000k each as it allows us to crop and otherwise adjust images to improve the advert.  We do appreciate that this is not always possible.

Adverts last modified: 18th July 2024


Lune Valley burner

18th July 2024

I am thinking of converting my coal fired boat Fionnuala to oil firing. Does anybody have a suitable Lune Valley burner for sale please (and some advice on fitting it to my 2 drum water tube boiler !)

Dick Penny.    

Contact details in the Membership Directory

Email: dick dot penny5 at gmail dot com


1/2" Hand Pump

18th July 2024

I am seeking a small hand pump to prime the mono-tube boiler that I am building.  Alternatively a dimensioned sketch for fabricating one would be useful.

Pete Cuthbert

Contact detail in the Membership Directory

Email: p dot f dot cuthbert at btinternet dot com

Boiler build details at:

   For Sale

Taylor Twin to Finish

24th April 2024

Taylor Twin 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ engine, called a "Taylor TJ" by Cyril Taylor. Well over the halfway point and might suit someone wanting a smaller project or a first engine build. Funnel No.164 Page 39 provides a useful time breakdown from John Richardson on his Taylor Twin build. Plenty more photos available and pointers to other Funnel articles.

Price: £1,400

Located in Poole so I can offer various rendezvous options if we are too far from you: heading to South Wales monthly'ish; to Hertfordshire every few months; our son drives to Plymouth for work; and this summer driving to Inverness via M6/M74/M80 and so on....

Rob Holden: contact details in the Membership Directory

   For Sale

Single Cylinder canoe/small Launch engine

3rd April 2024

This small single (2”x2”) was designed to be suitable for a 12-14' compact steam boat or canoe. It was designed by Dutch engineer PH van Popta and is newly built in the Netherlands by the seller. Largely of brass and 416 stainless steel it has Stephenson's link motion reversing gear with a slide valve made of teflon.
Height 40cm, width 20cm, length 20cm,
Flywheel 20*2.75 cm
Working pressure 50-100 PSI
500-800 RPM
Approx 1.5 HP
Weight Approx 13 KG
Needs intake, exhaust, and oil gear.

See Steamboat ‘Lagom’ (same engine)


This is a new engine, tested with compressed air only.

£1,450 o.n.o.

Contact:Willem-Jan Renger

Email: 2lostris at zonnet dot nl

   For Sale

Twin Cylinder Launch Engine

29th March 2024

 3x3x3" hammer frame twin with Stephenson's link motion reversing gear. Runs well and a video of it in operation is available if required. Described by owner, David Lee, as 'a bit like a Stuart Double 10 on steroids' (!) the overall dimensions are: height 46cm, width 30cm, length l47cm, the total engine weight being 53 kg. Would suit a 20-25' launch.

Price: £1850 ono

David Lee: dave_lee at fastmail dot co dot uk

   For Sale

Compound steam launch engine

28th November 2023

This classic compound launch engine was built in 2004 by Sam Wilkinson one of the SBA’s finest engine builders.  The engine is based on Savery 1914 design, giving 6 HP at 600 RPM.

Cylinders 2.5 + 5 x 3 inch stroke. 

Fitted with Savery/Joy type valve gear. Complete with belt driven pumps for condenser air/water and boiler feed water.

This is a substantial compact well built steam engine for a launch up to 25 feet. This engine was in service up to the end of 2022, reliable and powerful.

Can be seen running on compressed air at Bourne End in Buckinghamshire.

Price £5000 ONO

Call Andy Hopper on 01628 526499 for more details.

           (Many more pictures available on request)

   For Sale

Simson Strickland Engine & Geoff Newton Boiler

12th October 2023


Two-cylinder compound, double acting, 2.5in + 5in x 3in stroke, 640rpm, 8 IHP @140p.s.i. Cast gunmetal frame, slide valves with Stephensons link, engine driven LP cross head feed pump, and HP cross head air pump, keel type condenser, plus associated parts. The engine and is reputed to be early 1900’s, but was most recently fitted in our 31ft launch the 'Swan-of-Avon', and the 30ft ‘Selina’ before that. 


Unused vertical fire-tube boiler built in 2005 to a design by Geoff Newton and built by Terry Statham. There is a test certificate from 2015. It has a deep fire box to enable the burning of wood as well as coal. Includes inner and outer funnel and new ash pan.

Contact Nick Birch or Ed Rose at Avon-Boating in Stratford-upon-Avon on 07779008390, or nick dot b at avon-boating dot co dot uk. We are open to reasonable offers.

   For Sale

Twin Cylinder Engine Parts

31st July 2023

For sale from the estate of the late Pater Darby

Patterns – (all same engine)

Cylinder –4”x 4” stroke

Valve chest

Valve chest cover

Slide valve

Valve rod guide

Eccentric strap

Castings from above patterns.

Cylinders – 2 off (Machined)

Piston and rod assembly – 2 off (Machined)

Valve chest – 1 off ( Machined)

Cylinder cover – 1 off (Machined)

Slide valve –1 off

Crosshead assembly – 2 off machined ( one assembled with crank and con rod)

Crankshaft – 1 off machined (welded and appears straight)

Back columns – 2 off machined (assembled)

It is thought that this engine was a joint venture between Pater Darby and David King to replace the oversized engine in Myra. The parts available appear to be well made but are insufficient to build a twin engine, however, with a cut down crankshaft and remodelled bedplate a very nice and robust single 4” x 4” stroke engine could be constructed. A lot of time can be saved using these parts for anyone wishing to build an engine for a 25ft plus boat.

Offers around £150 with transport to be discussed.

Contact: Duncan Selby

Email: dselby at cooksgreen dot co dot uk

Tel: 07884 264886

   For Sale

Twin Cylinder Simple Engine

24th July  2023

Newly built twin cylinder 2" bore 4" stroke simple engine. with flexible coupling and thrust bearing Fitted with forced lubrication and a wet sump. Also fitted with an engine driven water feed pump. Can be seen running on compressed air.

Price: £500 

For more information and pictures of the engine please contact 

Douglas Taylor on 01475 687395

   For Sale - FREE!

Steam Outboard - Newcomen's atmospheric principle twin cylinder beam engine

7th May 2023

This experimental twin-cylinder atmospheric engine was built for the SBA Steam Outboard Competition in 2014, described in Funnel No 162.

During the competition, it was supplied with low pressure steam from a launch boiler but a domestic steam wallpaper stripper might produce enough steam to create a vacuum and turn it over.

Due to a house move the engine now needs a new home.

It is offered FREE of charge to a SBA member who would like to experiment with it.

Contact Mike Robinson (Winslow, Buckinghamshire)

Email: m dot j dot robinson321 at gmail dot com

Tel: 01296 712454

   For Sale

1907-built Marine engine suitable for large launch or  steam narrowboat           

April 23 2021


I have for sale, in excellent condition, an attractive Finnish-built compound condensing marine engine suitable for a large launch by Tehtaat Lehtoniemi & Taipale in 1907, their no 197. 

Thought to be a rare survivor, the pictures show a substantially-built engine to suit a 30-40’ launch - or maybe a narrow boat -  with a number of interesting features. It has a large (LP) crosshead driven air pump, a comprehensive ten-point drip lubrication system all fed from one cylindrical glass-ended reservoir and, to British eyes, an unusual inbuilt ratchet-driven mechanical lubricator at the hp end.

The engine is owned by a private museum of technology in Germany. Before that, it belonged to a German company for about 40 years but any earlier history is not known to me

Approximate dimensions (located on the euro pallet):
length 120 cm
height 80 cm
width 70 cm

weight about 400 kg

We are looking for around 15,000 Euros  (ca £13k) but this is of course negotiable and there is the possibility of transport from Germany to the UK

If you have any questions, please contact Adam Golly (in English or German)  Email 


Boiler Suitable for 16' Boat


I have recently purchased my first steam boat project and am looking for a boiler, suitable for coal firing and preferably a VFT (although others considered) to drive a Taylor single engine (2.5" x 2.5" cylinder) in a 16' boat.

Before I dive in and start building a boiler, I thought it just worth asking on here as you never know what people have tucked away!

Not entirely sure what I'm after as there is still some freedom in the boat to move things about, but if you've anything that sounds like it may be of use please get in touch to discuss!


For Sale

Four Cylinder Launch Engine
(Under construction)


Bob McMillan’s partially built engine designed by Trefor Milns is for sale. He and Trefor were both building them at the same time.

We have all the casting patterns, the drawings etc. Bob had intended this engine to power his 'next boat' which was supposed to be about 36' long.

The engine is a 4 cylinder triple expansion and has already had a substantial amount of work done to it. Rough dimensions are L 100cm, W 50cm, H 75cm.

All sensible offer will be considered.

Sue Stefanik <>

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